Red Devils – Fergie RT. 125


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Dennis Muraguri

Red Devils – Fergie RT. 125, 2019

Woodcut Print on Paper (reproduction c-type print)

16 1⁄2 x 11 3⁄4 x in (42 x 29.7 cm). A3 Landscape

Edition of 10

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Dennis Muraguri has made a name for himself for his unique portrayals of the contemporary urban landscape in Kenya, particularly the culture surrounding matatus; the vibrant minibuses with massive sound systems that make up the primary transportation network in Nairobi, and throughout the country, are the subject of his celebrated paintings and sculptures. Muraguri often uses woodcut prints on paper to portray the unique style and personality that each matatu possesses, incorporating electric colours and patterned backgrounds. Muraguri shows citizens interacting in the bustling city and entering and exiting the buses; Dortmund, Oromats Sacco (2019) features a woman in mid-stride while walking away from the bright red matatu. A second figure stands just at the door as if waiting to board the vehicle, which is emblazoned with the logo of the German soccer team, BVB Dortmund.